Thank you for registering for the Spring 2022 Season of Rock Band League (RBL) presented by Browning Trail Cameras. If you are registering multiple rockers, you will need to fill this form out for each student. The deadline for registering is January 9, 2022.

Rocker's Contact Information

Registration Information

  • ($395+$5 processing fee)

  • New RBL'ers will receive a welcome backpack with a RBL T-shirt, button, temporary tattoo, bumper sticker and VIP pass for events. There is a one-time additional fee of $30 to cover these and other expenses associated with new registrations. Previous RBL members will receive select updated items from the welcome packet at no additional cost.


Terms & Agreements

I understand that my RBL payment is non-refundable.

I understand that my attendance is required at all RBL performances. I should expect my child's performance to fall within a 2-3 hour window of time and Mason Music reserves the right to schedule my band anytime within that window.

All performance dates are scheduled in advance and available at www.rockbandleague.com.

I hereby give my consent to all photographs, audio recordings and/or video recordings taken of me or my minor child by Mason Music staff or their designee for educational, instructional or promotional purposes. I understand that any such photographs, audio recordings and/or video recordings become the property of Mason Music and may be used by the Studio.

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